November 27, 2007

My Autograph

I know this isn't really a Doodle worthy of this site. The Doodle Page began w/ a program called, oh something starting w/ a W, on my main blog. My thought was that people could make a Doodle on the widget and then send it to me to place on this page. That didn't work beyond my autograph, which is why I saved it on here. I think it is funny that I was the only one to get anything out of it.

My next thought was that I could open it up to everyone and also have a place to share the many creations from my son Big B, w/out overwhelming the readers of EH w/ too many of them.

I am so pleased at the response to the Doodle Page and now the offering of a new header made by a Doodler - Bernadette, it is all very cool.

So that's the story behind the autograph, and the start of the Doodle Page.

Keep Doodlin'


|bd| said...

I found Doodle Page by accident at the groups section. I found it than got sidetracked and lost it, and found it again, by chance. Too funny!

I'm glad you created it--it's tons of fun! ^-^

Monique said...

BD - I'm so glad you did find it though.