March 26, 2008


Thanks Bernadette!

Bernadette added : Albino-lookin' dude!
He's, I think, a li'l too androgynous, I dunno. Anyway, he started as a very messy pencil sketch that was smudged in painter 9. The only colour I added was red--hints of it here and there. It's sloppy in places--not quite completed--I stopped 'cause I wasn't sure if I was wreckin' it. I shall leave him as this--whatever.
It's a realism kinda thing, I dunno. I know nuttin' these days.

I've lost my mind.


Marf said...

Reminds me of a LeShay from D&D. LeShay are my all-time favorite race in D&D.

Monique said...

Marf - *whooosh* that totally went over my head

|bd| said...

I've never heard of a LeShay--never played D&D. I'm curious now.