March 24, 2008

Big B: Penguin Spongebob Song



It's cute AND funny - just look at those little adorable penguins lol! The song/jingle thing is pretty funny - I tried singing it aloud and burst into fits of laughter trying to do it.
Keep doodling!

Monique said...

JJSStar - Thanks, he loves Spongeboob and this is a song from one of them.

He uses a program called TuxPaint to draw all of his digital stuff. I need to scan in some of his actual Doodles because beyond neing his Mom, they are awesome.

I'm still waiting for you to send me some of your Doodles. You commented that you do in fact Doodle, so please consider sharing them, ok.

|bd| said...

I love SpongeBob, too. He's my hero, as is Plankton, and Patrick.

I like the fun song--that one is my fave.

Monique said...

BD - Yeah, Spongebob is pretty popular around here too. Little B freaks out for him and on commercials will go to the tv and try to change the channel looking for it again.

The Fun song is great and Goofy Goober too. I read you comment to Big B and he got excited saying "I can make a Fun song picture and you can show it on your blog so they can see it and like it and so can everyone else too".

Right now he is distraught that Little B ruined the saving of a picture he worked very hard on w/ Alvin of Alvin and the Chipmunks.