March 24, 2008

I just don't even know.... to say Thank You appropriately. Bernadette, the new header you made is phenomenal. I truly feel overwhelmed that you made it for the Doodle Page. So talented, and kind, it has been a pleasure getting to know you on a more personal level. I can't wait to see what comes out of your brain next....

Bernadette's DeviantArt page


Marf said...

Yes, this is much better than those 4 you had as options before.

Monique said...

L - oh please, it's absurd to even compare those to hers.

She is probably getting tired of the gushing though.

|bd| said...

Thank you, kindly. What!?! I liked those other options you had--I thought they were cool, really.

As for the gushing--it's just awkward--I'm not use to all this attention 'bout what I draw. It's all just weird. ^-^

My brain is workin' on two things and thinkin' up more. All this practice is awesome for me, 'cause I need it.

Thank you for putting up the banner--I feel so special! ^-^

Monique said...

BD - I read somewhere that you are looking to possibly put together a book w/ some of your characters.

That is very exciting, I hope you do it. I've had a few children's books that I go to off and on, and have for many years. I really think I need to complete at least one or I will forever regret it.