April 16, 2008

Cry Baby

Thanks Bernadette !

Bernadette added: She's such a baby, and he's had enough, but he loves her.


|bd| said...

This one isn't popular but it's one of my faves that I've done. The anatomy isn't proportioned well, but the concept makes me all fuzzy inside.

Most people think it's brother and sister, but I had intended it to be bf & gf. Unconditional love is so unique and beautiful to me.

The bodies are in pencil and the faces have been digitally smudged with painter ix. The beginnings of digital face smudging--I discovered the smudge tool!!! *lol*

Monique said...

Bernadette - I wondered about that. My first impression was a bf, gf... But then the way he is holding her wrist made me think perhaps it was a brother, sister.... Thanks for telling us about it.