May 27, 2008

Femme Fatale

Thanks Sarah !

Sarah added: This was done for my art class for a mixed media piece of our choice. I've always loved collages so I figured I'd make one. I have another one that still needs to be handed back and I'll upload that one too.

I got the idea from my media class. We were talking about gender roles and portral in the media. Most often times women are showed as submissive and even abused. I thought I'd take some random magazine clippings to get that idea across.

The main image of the woman sprawled across the floor is from a Robert Cavalli advert I believe. It jumped out to me as an abused woman so I figured it would make a lovely main image. Most of the pictures are taken from Vogue but most of the words are taken from Cosmo.


Doodle said...

I really like this, collages are my favorite. Thanks for commenting my blog! Although when I meant censor I meant I had to go over stuff to make sure ther wasn't anything super-identity revealing like in them. I'm really liking the anonymity-alter-ego-esque-I can-be-cooler-here-than-in-real-life part of blogging. Or maybe I've seen too many movies : ) I plan to keep posting doodles on a somewhat regular basis, if you want to post some of mine on your blog, that's totally fine with me.

Monique said...

Oh gosh, that makes sense. Sorry for all the useless info then.

Thanks for visiting. Can't wait to see more of your doodles.