June 26, 2008

Big B: Spiderman

Thanks Big B !

((learning MSPaint))


|bernadette aka berni| said...

Wow, that's awesome work with MSPaint. Hey, you're good at drawin' hands--teach me, I suck at 'em. [^.^]

Is he doin' his art with a mouse, or do you guys have a tablet?

Monique said...

"Sure, I'll try sometime if I ever see you" - Big B

He uses a mouse. I would love to buy a tablet for him at some point, but he says he doesn't want one. He likes using paper.

He wants you to see another of his first attempts.

|bernadette aka berni| said...

That's so wonderful that you support and encourage him to draw.

I kept all my art to myself when I was growin' up--it wasn't an encouraged endeavour within the family. Although I did draw some pieces for friends and one teacher who loved mythology. I still keep my stuff to myself within the family.

I'd love to buy a tablet, but they're kinda expensive--it's gotta wait.

Use telepathy, Big B! [^-^]

Monique said...

My photography was not supported either. It wasn't looked down on, but it was just like it didn't exist.

That's one thing I will always do my best to do as a parent, encourage them to pursue every interest in their childhood.

Tablets are crazy expensive. Even if he wanted one, it would be awhile.

Michelle Auer said...

Great Spidey! Now you need a Batman!

Monique said...

Michelle- I agree he does. Maybe I'll suggest it. He's going through an Avatar phase right now.

Nickelodeon is doing a week long of new Avatar's. It's pretty much all I've heard lately.