August 1, 2008

Sharing Art: Pixeloo: Fling

Pixeloo is best known for taking cartoon characters and creating through the magic of Photoshop, a realistic version of that character in semi-fleshy form. Most notably are the Homer, Jessica Rabbit and Mario.

I've noticed several other pieces recently, and this captivated me. So much so that I simply had to find a way to share it w/ the Doodlers, Doodle Wannabe's ((like me)) and Doodle watchers.

From time to time you'll notice posts carrying the "Sharing Art" Title and tag.

I just keep finding these amazing artists, and while I know not everyone is interested in submitting art for the Doodle Page, it just needs to be seen. So I'll share, and link, and notify them of the share and the link.

Enjoy w/ me, and please, by all means, if you find something interesting, send it to me w/ a link to the original if possible. I would love to see what we can collectively find to show one another.


Marf said...

I really like the Mario.

Monique said...

Jessica is my fave.

|bernadette| said...

Oooooooh . . . this is beautfiful--simple yet intense.

Monique said...

It really is.... I like it a lot.

Aching B said...

This is beautiful.