March 21, 2014

Life Generator

Naoto Hattori

It's been awhile..... 4 years and many months to be exact'ish. I've missed the Doodle Page and have checked in on it several times. Some to clear away the spam comments and other times to browse through the images. I have never stopped gathering interesting artwork and have often wondered why I stopped updating the page, my only truth is marriage, life, kids, and the race to fit all we can into a day pushed it aside. I hope I'm still welcome and that you'll share your Doodles (and then some) with me once again.


Marf said...

Oh hey. I remember Doodle Page.

Monique said...

Hey Cody, yeah, it's been awhile but wanted to breathe some life into DP.

me said...

It has been awhile, awesome memories, though, of the fun we had.